I am a final-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) undergraduate at King’s College London (KCL), specialising in philosophy. I focus on value theory, especially axiology and normativity across ethics, society, politics, law and art. I also have mathematical training and interests in logic, set theory, game theory and social choice. This autumn, I will be moving to the University of Chicago for the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (Philosophy).

I am the 2024 King’s Undergraduate Research Fellow in Bioethics. This summer, I will be working on controversial philosophical issues in pregnancy and ectogestation with Professor Elselijn Kingma, the Peter Sowerby Chair in Philosophy and Medicine at KCL.

I revel and am trained in redefining things and poking holes at the limits. Dissatisfied with orthodoxy, I investigate my unique perspective on the world and share it with others. With my analytical and creative background, I do logical daydreaming: entertaining ideas, imagining scenarios and working out their implications. Broadly empiricist, sceptical, naturalistic, anti-realist, instrumentalist and fictionalist in inclination, my intellectual hero is David Hume. 🥃

I am also deeply interested in documentary photography, cultural heritage, Hokkien, urbanism, design, the cultural and creative industries, and related fields.